Saginaw Future 29th ANNUAL MEETING


I am extremely proud to be a part of a community that has risen to so many challenges in 2020. When the number of COVID-19 cases increased and the outcry against social inequity grew and the flood water literally rose, so did we!

A key component to address these difficult situations was Saginaw Future and its incredible Board of Directors, which provided guidance and direction. In the confusion and isolation caused by COVID-19, SFI and the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce were a crucial source of communication. 

Small businesses, forced to close, needed relief and the State, business leaders and SFI responded with five grant programs. We also provided support for businesses impacted by the flood. SFI and the Chamber were a source of calm and a voice of change for improvements in diversity, equity and inclusion.

This document highlights much of SFI’s hard work and the exceptional companies in Saginaw County, many of which have donated funds and provided PPE to our medical community and schools.

No one will ever forget 2020. I will remember it as a time when we rose together.

Mark Thompson
Chairman, Saginaw Future Inc. Board of Directors

Our Results 2020 1992-2020
Business Expansions 16 626
Businesses Attracted 10 160
Jobs Created/Retained 583 30,229
Government Contracts 473 10,418
Total Value of Contracts $46,336,754 $741,909,368
NEW INVESTMENT $355,807,000 $7,694,347,141


Saginaw County is in the Middle of It All!

Watch the video below to learn more about the incredible 2020 economic development projects and to see the Saginaw Future Investors that make it all happen!

Saginaw Future Inc. (SFI) is in the business of energizing new investment and job growth in Saginaw County, MI, US.

Established in 1992, SFI is a private, non-profit alliance of local businesses, the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce, the County and City of Saginaw, 16 local municipalities, education,  labor organizations and local foundations. Click here to see our 2020 Annual Report.



Since mid-March, 2020, Saginaw Future Inc. (SFI) has been immersed in programs to assist small businesses and non-profits that have been impacted by COVID-19 and the flood.  SFI administered grant funds from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and was able to assist 131 businesses and non-profits with an average grant of $1,600

The Consumers Energy Foundation also awarded $200,000 to SFI, which was provided to 145 organizations, including 53% of the grants to women-owned businesses and 27% to minority owned businesses.  John Sivey and Connie Kostrzewa, local business leaders, also contributed $10,000 to support businesses and non-profits.

The Dow Foundation awarded $80,000 in grants to SFI, which were provided to nine Saginaw County based non-profits. Each of the three programs was administered by our staff, and no administration funds were received. 

In the fall, 2020, SFI administered the Small Business Restart Grant program for Saginaw County and awarded 362 grants totaling $2,175,000.  At least 30% of the funds awarded under the program were required to be provided to women-owned, minority-owned or veteran-owned eligible businesses. 

A total of 80% of the grants in Saginaw County were made to the targeted population.  According to the grantees, a total of 836 new jobs are projected and businesses reported that 2,280 jobs were retained as a result of the grants.

Discover Great Lakes Bay Talent Initiative

Our Coming Home virtual mixer connected more than 146 registered young professionals, who are currently in the region or have left and are interested in coming home, with 25 world class regional employers with specific positions available.  SFI and its economic development partners spearheaded the initiative.  Retaining and attracting talent is the number one issue for companies. Learn more and let us know about your open positions.




More Great Lakes Bay Regionalism

Saginaw Future works with an 8-county region that includes Arenac, Bay, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Isabella, Midland and Saginaw Counties. The region is working on several initiatives, such as business attraction efforts. Go to Great Lakes Bay Sites for property information in the region and the newly launched SizeUp, which is a business analysis tool for start ups and small to medium size businnesses.





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