Saginaw County is in the Middle of It All!



Saginaw County, which is part of the Great Lakes Bay Region, is one of Michigan’s leading areas of economic growth and development. Saginaw County’s population is highly educated and diverse, and the region has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of PhD’s and registered patents per capita. Saginaw is a hub of innovation in automated vehicles and advanced mobility, a source of raw materials for the solar and electronics industries, and a health care hub where a third of Michigan comes for care.

Under Saginaw Future’s leadership, over $7 billion has been invested in Saginaw County, and more than 700 businesses have expanded. These businesses are creating opportunities for new and existing residents to grow their careers and build an incredible life for their families. 

In addition to jobs, Saginaw County offers a high quality of life. Housing is affordable, communities are welcoming, schools are highly rated, and the county is a regional shopping, entertainment and health care hub. You can find it all - jobs, housing and entertainment, in Saginaw County.