Top Industries

Saginaw County is home to a large number of multinational corporations, mid-size manufacturing companies, agricultural businesses, retailers, and startups. With such a diverse range of businesses growing in the area, there is opportunity in virtually all industry sectors. Some of our fastest growing sectors are listed below and represented by companies like Nexteer Automotive, DuPont, Hemlock Semiconductor, Morley Companies, Inc., UMBRA group and Star of the West Milling Company. 

Regardless of industry type, businesses are thriving in Saginaw County due to a low cost-of-doing-business, available and affordable land, easy access to transportation routes, the popularity of Saginaw County’s tourism destinations, and a large skilled workforce. 

Advanced Manufacturing

The Saginaw County Region has been a hub for global manufacturing leaders for more than 150 years. We have developed a great infrastructure for manufacturing that includes road, rail, air and water transportation, in addition to data communications and support. The Region also offers a powerful service and supply network. More importantly, though, manufacturing is part of the Region’s DNA. With generations of manufacturing expertise, every part of the community is in tune with the specialized needs of manufacturers.

Automotive, Aerospace & Advanced Mobility 

Saginaw County understands automotive manufacturing! Saginaw is at the center of the global automotive market and Saginaw manufacturers, like Nexteer Automotive, are experts in electronic power steering and the center of the autonomous vehicle revolution. Having close access to major Michigan Automotive OEMs makes this the ideal location for businesses in the automotive industry. In addition, Saginaw County is a hotbed for the aerospace mobility industry.  Our companies supply advanced technology for the companies in the world, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.


Saginaw County is where everything comes together for the design and development of medical equipment and devices. Within the county, there are leaders in intellectual property development, clinical trials, prototype development and manufacturing deployment. Saginaw County is a major healthcare hub for the Region, has a medical school, and is a source for high-tech raw materials and products.


With 1,250 farms, Saginaw County is 3rd in Michigan for corn and soy production, 4th in Sugarbeets, and was one of the top 10 counties in wheat production. Saginaw County is home to Star of the West Milling Co., Hausbeck Pickles and Peppers and many additional food processors. There is room for growth in the agribusiness sector, an abundance of land and easy access to the major transportation routes necessary to ship raw materials and finished products. 

Professional Services

Saginaw County is a regional service area for Professional Services, such as accounting and legal specialties, engineering and architectural firms, and construction firms. Saginaw County is home to Morley Companies, Inc., Rehmann, Yeo & Yeo CPAs, as well as multigenerational construction firms like Spence Brothers, RC Hendrick, Pumford Construction and Wolgast Construction among others.  The companies do business in a multi-state area but are headquartered in Saginaw. As a regional center, Saginaw County attracts people from throughout the area who are in need of professional services. As such, the community is ready and able to support this growth. 

Accommodation and Retail

The Saginaw economy greatly benefits from many shopping opportunities. The Michigan Travel Bureau ranked Saginaw County the Number 3 County for Tourism Revenue in the State of Michigan. Birch Run and Frankenmuth are two of the top Michigan destinations and Saginaw County exits are the second most popular for tourists along I-75! Retail, entertainment and accommodation businesses can help to fill this growing need.