Saginaw County is home to an advanced manufacturing workforce, along with top technical talent. The Region offers one of the country’s richest pools of science/engineering talent, from fiscal services to supply management, we have well-trained and experienced people.

The diversity and depth of talent available makes our Region stand out nationally with numerous patents filed annually. Still, SFI understands how critical it is to continue cultivating the local workforce in order to meet changing industry needs. This is why we facilitate collaboration between educational institutions, industry and workforce training organizations. 

There are twelve educational institutions within the Region that offer training closely aligned with labor demand. In addition, employers have access to nationally-recognized workforce sourcing and technical training programs at no cost to employers. This ensures that employers maintain the steady pipeline of talent that is necessary for growing their businesses. 

Talent Facts:

  • 63% white collar workers
  • 36% blue collar workers
  • Generations of manufacturing expertise 
  • Nearly 254,000 regional labor force
  • 39.9 median age in Saginaw County
  • $55,774 median household income
  • SFI has helped to create or retain more than 34,000 jobs!

Top Industries per Employment Numbers

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail 
  • Accommodations and food services
  • Administrative
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Professional and technical services

We are Your Resource for Talent Expertise

Saginaw Future's Talent Initiative is designed to attract and retain high-value, knowledge-based talent within the Great Lakes Bay Region, specifically Saginaw County. These opportunities are for professional and skilled positions in leading industries, such as mobility, semiconductor supply chain development, health care and more. 


The Otherside Riverfront Bar & Grill in Freeland invested $1.2 million and added 40 jobs. Saginaw Future provided talent consultation, job posting, job site, job fair and talent resource insight. “SFI’s talent support was a breath of opportunities!  We would be doing what we’ve been doing for the past 15 years and it wasn’t attracting the talent needed.”