Community Involvement

Life in Saginaw County is a rich and full experience, in part, because everyone is so involved. Community involvement is a way of life here with people actively supporting the arts, education, nonprofits and neighborhood activities. 

We’re Saginaw Proud

People are proud to live here and it shows. Neighborhood associations are active, regularly putting on fun events and activities that are well attended. 

Saginaw is home to an eclectic and diverse group of people. As such, we have an incredible variety of organizations that people can be part of. For example, people may wish to get involved with the Riverside Saginaw Film Festival or join Counter Cruise - a friendly gathering of folks to ride bicycles across the city of Saginaw. There is an organization for everyone in Saginaw County!


Organizations like the United Way of Saginaw County make it easy to get involved and to volunteer. Local service projects include volunteering with STEM AmeriCorps, sitting with hospice patients, working with the CAN Council, and volunteering with the parks and recreation department on clean up projects or for local events.   

Volunteering is an excellent way to get involved in the community and to quickly make new friends. Websites like can help you to find upcoming opportunities.