Saginaw Future Inc. Recently Launches Newly Designed Website

6 Jul 2020

SAGINAW, MI-- Saginaw Future, Inc. recently launched a newly designed website to further strengthen its online presence and economic growth by offering a more robust and informative tool to prospective companies. The newly revamped website,, will promote Saginaw County as a premier location for domestic and foreign investment and package the “Saginaw County Story.” utilizes the latest economic development tools for site location, small business market research and business intelligence, and talent recruitment, all in a streamlined design. The site offers a dedicated search engine designed to easily navigate a concise and robust site selection template, web searches, and social media.

The goal of this project was to provide a comprehensive communication and marketing package to assist the growth of the existing business and entrepreneurs, attract new business/talent, and promote the opportunities for success in Saginaw County.

Saginaw Future Inc. worked as a team on the project and applied each of their expertise to particular pages. Saginaw Future also worked with Golden Shovel Agency, a full-service marketing agency specializing in groundbreaking economic development communications and award-winning applications. Golden Shovel provided the platform and system, as well as led Saginaw Future through an in-depth strategic plan process to help match assets and competitive advantages with development goals.

“This project will truly impact Saginaw County and our economic growth efforts for years to come by providing timely data, site selection assistance, reinforcing positive community elements, and focusing on differentiators,” said Greg LaMarr, Communications & Marketing Director of Saginaw Future Inc., “We set out to produce an extremely functional website that is interesting and eye-catching. We showcased our community’s best assets to generate excitement about living and working here and we think we accomplished all of the above.”

Saginaw Future was able to incorporate two key economic development tools on the new site. is an 8-county regional property database that includes any type of property besides residential. This one-stop location for property information was and will continue to be a standalone site, but now is functionally embedded in with timely interaction. SizeUp is a new tool to help private sector, government, and non-profit organizations better serve their small business customers with the market research and business intelligence they need to succeed. This is an incredible tool for small businesses as they reopen in order to make judgments on hiring, revenue, etc. SizeUp is embedded in the new site and will be publicly launched on a small business Zoom seminar in July 2020.

“Working with Saginaw Future Inc. on this redesign project has been a great experience. The customized online portal really highlights the community’s assets and demonstrates its economic growth potential,” said John Marshall, President of Golden Shovel Agency.

View the redesigned website at

About Saginaw Future Inc.

Established in 1992, Saginaw Future Inc. (SFI) is a public-private alliance of local businesses, the County of Saginaw, City of Saginaw, 16 local municipalities and the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce. SFI’s strategic partners also include education, labor, and government. Since its beginning, SFI has remained dedicated to fostering quality job creation through the expansion of local industry and attraction of new business projects to the community.

About Golden Shovel Agency

Golden Shovel Agency is a Minnesota-based, full-service marketing agency specializing in groundbreaking economic development communications. The Economic Gateway Web system includes an expandable and on-demand content management system (CMS) and a robust social media implementation strategy.